givetwig employee of the month


kristen alexandrov

kristen alexandrov started givetwig in 2015 to fulfill her dream of working 60 hours per week for free. she really hopes that givetwig will be the big break that scores her a guest appearance on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. if that doesn't work out, she will settle for an excuse to stay up late and drink more coffee.

after living and loving boston for 13 years, kristen and her family recently moved back to austin, where she was born and raised. she now considers herself a baustinite... or maybe an austonion... whichever you prefer.

kristen has a finance background and (over)worked for 5 years doing investment banking with JPMorgan and private wealth management with Goldman Sachs, then worked another 5 years in real estate development with CMS Partners in Cambridge, MA. she decided that it was time to do something a little more fulfilling, and late one night she hatched a brilliant plan to start givetwig.

in her (not-so) ample free time, she enjoys the usual stuff - sports, travel, painting, blah blah blah...  you can check out her artwork here. you can see her baby photos and awkward teenage photos here.

please take a moment to read her founder's message.