1. who is responsible for givetwig?

givetwig was founded by kristen alexandrov. you can read more about her here.

2. can i make a one-time donation, or do i have to make a weekly commitment?

givetwig prefers weekly donations because our goal is to make giving a part of your weekly routine. however, we will always accept any donations. if you prefer to make a one-time donation, just let us know and we will figure out the best method for you. one-time donations can also be made to givetwig to help cover admin fees (credit/debit card fees, legal/accounting fees, etc.)

3. how do you handle the recurring donations? is my financial information secure?

we take your security seriously. all donations are processed through givingtools and their payment processor, bluepay. please see their terms of service for specific information on their security procedures.

4. what percentage of my donation will get passed through each week? can i cover my credit card fees?

100% of every donation is passed through directly to our designated weekly organizations. givetwig tries to cover all credit/debit and bank transfer fees with separate one-time donations (little secret: the founder usually pays them). if you would like to cover these yourself, you are a rockstar! simply contact givetwig and we can help you roll that into your weekly donation amount. in the future, we reserve the right to change this expense policy if necessary (with notice on our website and/or by email).

5. what do you do with my contact information? is it secure? will i start getting spam?

one of the many great things about givetwig is that you are able to give to 52 different organizations a year without getting on 52 different mailing lists. givetwig will never share or sell your information. you will never get spam from givetwig, and you can customize how frequently you receive communication - the weekly profiles can be emailed to you, or you can check them out on facebook or the blog on your own. otherwise, you will only receive necessary communication from us, including an annual giving summary at the end of the year.

6. what kind of organizations does givetwig support?

givetwig is focused on U.S.-based 501(c)(3) registered organizations. we avoid organizations that are primarily focused on religion or politics, but we also try to support a wide variety of causes. every year the list may be different, although some organizations may be repeated from one year to the next. you can see our list of current organizations here.

7. how do you identify the 52 organizations for the year?

first, we take suggestions from givetwig members and current and former givetwig organizations. second, the founder spends hours and hours scouring the web and the nonprofit universe for awesome organizations that are out there doing great things. we try to include as many different causes/categories as we can, although we avoid religious and political organizations. we tend to like smaller, efficient organizations that can really use our money. however, there are some large organizations on the list. if you have time, i think this is a great video that gives perspective on evaluating the nonprofit sector. it argues that "larger" (read: more overhead) is not always a bad thing.

8. do you research all of the organizations that givetwig supports? what do you look at?

yes. we confirm that each organization is currently operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the united states. we also look at each organization's financials to make sure there isn't anything fishy, and we look at third party sources for ratings, such as charity navigator and great nonprofits. our staff communicates directly with someone at each and every organization that receives a donation, and every organization signs off on all materials presented by givetwig (profiles, photos, etc.).

9. can an organization receive multiple donations from givetwig?

yes and no. an organization will never be repeated twice for weekly donations in any given calendar year. however, an organization may be repeated from year to year.

10. can i suggest a nonprofit organization for consideration to receive a weekly donation from givetwig?

absolutely! we welcome any and all suggestions. please send them to us in an email. it may be too late for the current year's list, but there is always next year. we always keep a running list of great organizations to consider.

11. how can i help?

like us on facebook. forward our weekly profile emails. re-tweet our tweets. talk about us at parties. volunteer some time. suggest an organization. convince a friend to join!

12. can i cancel my membership to givetwig?

anytime. we will be very sad, but we understand that some things aren't for everyone. please contact us.

13. are my givetwig weekly donations tax deductible? how can i report this for my taxes?

yes. givetwig is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so everything you contribute on a weekly basis is fully tax-deductible. you will receive a summary giving statement from givetwig which you can use for your end-of-year tax filing(s). you can also request a giving summary from givetwig at any time.

14. i have more questions. who can i talk to?

it depends on the question. if it is anything related to givetwig or quantum physics, contact kristen. anything else, maybe your mom?