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year 2, week 21:  this week i'm gonna... cast my vote!


This week we are going to mix it up a little bit! We are highlighting three previously profiled organizations and asking you to vote on your favorite. The winner will receive our collective weekly donation for the week of May 22nd!

All three of these organizations were givetwig fan favorites and sparked a lot of positive feedback, so it might be hard to choose just one. Please pick your favorite and submit your vote by 5pm EST on Sunday, May 28th. We will announce the winner that evening!

To submit your vote, just click on the name of the organization linked below. Please click only one. You can scroll down for summaries of each organization if you need to refresh your memory!

Please select one:

Below are summaries of the three organizations - please click on the logo to view their full profile.


Love One Another is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization serving the homeless and disadvantaged population in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Every night from 9pm to 10am, Founder Allan Law drives throughout the community providing food assistance and other emergency needs to people in homeless shelters and on the street. Nicknamed 'The Sandwich Man', Law makes as many as 50 stops a night, distributing donated sandwiches, basic necessities, and encouragement from the back of his minivan. 


Days for Girls (DfG) International is dedicated to creating a more dignified, free, and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions. DfG helps girls gain access to quality, sustainable feminine hygiene, vital health knowledge, and income generation opportunities. They have reached over 400,000 girls in over 100 nations. Their goal is that every girl and woman in the world will have feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene and health education by 2022.


The mission of Sibling Connections is to support the creation of enduring family relationships and community connections for sisters and brothers separated by the foster care system in Massachusetts. Their vision is for every child who is removed from their home and placed in the foster care system to maintain their sibling bond and be rooted in and surrounded by a community caring people invested in their health and well being.


Notes for this week:

  • May 29th is Memorial Day! Enjoy the long weekend and the start of summer!
  • Our collective givetwig donation will support programs for the winner of our vote this week. The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 28th.

this week i'm gonna cast my vote!

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