year 2, week 9:  this week i'm gonna... stop the cycle of pet overpopulation



Frank, a young Husky mix, was homeless before he wandered into Rachel's life.

"Frank walked into our front yard as a stray and made himself right at home," Rachel remembers.

Her family fell in love with him right away, but they were concerned that they could not afford to get him neutered on their limited budget. Thankfully, Rachel discovered the SNAP Houston Spay-Neuter & Animal Wellness Clinic, and she scheduled Frank's neuter appointment right away. From surgery to recovery, SNAP gave Frank the high-quality care that he needed at a cost that Rachel could afford.

Now that Frank is neutered, Rachel continues to bring him into SNAP for regular wellness exams to make sure he is receiving the best care he can get.

"Frank is so happy whenever we take him to SNAP and wants to be friends with all the kind people who work there. We are so grateful that SNAP helps us take care of Frank so he can be a part of our family!"


SNAP (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program) has an admirable vision: a world with no homeless dogs or cats. SNAP’s ongoing mission is to prevent the suffering and death of cats and dogs due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas.

Since 2004, SNAP has worked to reduce the number of cats and dogs that are put to death in animal shelters each year, a figure that currently hovers around 2.7 million in the United States*. By providing medical care and preventing the birth of unwanted pets, SNAP helps to lower the number of abandoned and euthanized animals. SNAP serves approximately 50,000 cats and dogs annually through a network of mobile and stationary veterinary clinics in the Greater Houston and San Antonio metropolitan areas.

Here is a snapshot of what SNAP accomplishes in a year:

  • Spay or neuter nearly 40,000 pets, of which approximately 14,000 are free
  • Prevent the birth of over 50,000 cats and 60,000 dogs that would have been homeless and unwanted.
  • Administer wellness services for nearly 20,000 pets, most at reduced cost.

You can watch one of SNAP's (humorous!) public service announcements in the video below.

* Source:

Rocky is another SNAP success story. When he was found abandoned on the side of the road, he had a bullet lodged deep within his shoulder. Although he must have been in unimaginable pain, Rocky was able to wag his tail in hope as a man named Pat loaded him into his truck to save him.

Rocky with a SNAP staff member.

Rocky with a SNAP staff member.

Rocky's shoulder was shattered beyond repair and his front leg had to be removed, but his gentle personality never faltered. Pat knew that he had found a friend for life.

After Rocky recuperated, Pat wanted his companion to be neutered so he could continue living a healthy life. Pat scheduled an appointment at one of SNAP's clinics, where he knew Rocky would receive the high-quality care he deserved. Rocky is now living his best life and no longer unknowingly contributing to the cycle of animal overpopulation.

Notes for this week:

  • February 28th is World Spay Day.
  • Our collective givetwig donation will sponsor spay/neuter surgery for approximately 5 animals.
  • For more information regarding SNAP, please check out their website.

this week i'm gonna donate to SNAP.

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