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week 33:  this week i'm gonna... help a child find a home.
Walt, Annie, and Chloe Manis

Walt, Annie, and Chloe Manis

"Chloe.  Your daughter will be named Chloe."  

When Walt Manis was about 12 years old, he had a vision of himself holding a young girl, swinging her around. He knew in his heart that this was going to be his daughter, and her name was Chloe. He carried the memory of that vision throughout his adolescence and into adulthood, and when he married his childhood sweetheart, Annie, he was sure that he was on the path to the family that he had foreseen.

When Walt and Annie discussed starting a family, they were stunned to find out that they had both already picked out a name for their child: Chloe. It was destiny. 

After many years of trying to get pregnant, Walt and Annie grew frustrated - how could their perfect vision not be coming true? They realized that maybe their plan was just slightly different than they had imagined. They were destined to be parents, and they began the process to adopt a child. Show Hope was there to help them along the way, and provided funding to help them afford the process.

In November 2009, when Annie received word that they had been chosen to adopt a baby girl, she and Walt began preparations for parenthood. Most importantly, they began thinking of baby names. Both of them agreed that Chloe was no longer an option, having associated that name with the past years of struggling to get pregnant.

They received word that the birth mother wanted to meet them before the adoption. That December, they went to meet her, and she shared with them one request for the baby. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she had given the baby a name. She was hoping that the baby's new parents would retain that name for her. Walt and Annie were stunned when she said it -- their Chloe had arrived!

Chloe, Annie, and Naomi Manis

Chloe, Annie, and Naomi Manis

Since adopting Chloe in 2010, the Manis family has expanded to include another daughter, Naomi. They are extremely grateful for the help that Show Hope provided them throughout their journey, and they share their story to inspire other families to consider adoption.



You can watch the Manis Family story in the video below.


Show Hope™ is a movement to care for orphans, restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress around the world.  Founded in 2003, this nonprofit organization provides Adoption Aid financial grants that help waiting children come home to families and funds six Care Centers in China that help children living with acute medical and special needs.  Through programs like their Advocates, Student Initiatives, and Sponsorship, they are mobilizing a movement to help break down the barriers between waiting children and loving families. Show Hope has helped more than 5,500 children from over 53 countries come to know the love of a family through adoption, and has cared for more than 2,300 children at their Care Centers in China.

The Wessel family is another inspiring example of adoption.  James and Elizabeth had two children, Anne and Molly, before deciding to expand their family and open their arms to two girls with special needs from China, Kate and Caroline.  Apparently, four children did not keep them busy enough, and they welcomed another daughter, Grace, in April 2015.  This family has a lot of love to share, and organizations like Show Hope are helping them do it!

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