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week 18:  this week i'm gonna... strengthen the mother/daughter bond

Cindy and Verona

Cindy and Verona

Cindy Walton and her daughter, Verona, have a very close relationship. Last year, Cindy came across an advertisement for a Moms as Mentors seminar in an alumni newsletter for Simmons College.  She thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with her 7-year-old daughter - and she was right!

At the seminar, mother and daughter enjoyed learning about business principles and money management, created a poster which categorized common "needs" vs. "wants", and even developed a business plan together for Verona's "Dancing Donuts" concept - a shop that serves donuts with ice cream on top (yes, please!).  Verona was so engaged in the business plan that she continued to work on it that evening once they returned home. Now, almost 18 months later, Verona still talks to her mom about her business plan and has not given up on her dream to one day open a Dancing Donuts to satisfy the "people who live in [her] town who have a sweet tooth."

When Cindy reflects on this day spent with her daughter, she fondly remembers their collaboration and teamwork.  She has also seen the dramatic impact it made on Verona, both in terms of the valuable experience and knowledge she gained, and also the sense of empowerment Verona felt when learning about other successful women and their businesses.

A page from Verona's Dancing Donuts business plan.

A page from Verona's Dancing Donuts business plan.


The mission of Moms as Mentors is to provide moms with the tools and opportunities they need to become impactful mentors in their daughters’ daily lives, ultimately helping today’s girls to grow into a generation of confident and capable women.

Since 2007, Moms as Mentors has run team-building workshops focused on confidence and leadership for mothers and daughters (ages 7-14). Their workshops incorporate hands-on activities in content areas like STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), business, and other fields where women remain underrepresented in areas of key leadership. Their STEM workshops are designed to promote important skills like tinkering, trouble-shooting and communication. Their business programs incorporate concepts such as money values, envisioning oneself as an entrepreneur, and confidence-building body language ("power poses”).

In addition to strengthening the critical connection between moms and daughters, Moms as Mentors programs bring together girls and women of different backgrounds to create a rich and supportive community for its participants. Moms and girls come from racially and economically diverse backgrounds and mothers are both working and stay-at-home. For the moms especially, these meaningful connections can be invaluable sources of support, both for parenting and other personal and professional matters. 

Please see the video below to learn more about Moms as Mentors.

Cindy and Verona so enjoyed their first Moms as Mentors workshop that they attended their second one late last year.  At this STEM-focused meeting, they created a rollercoaster and a ping-pong ball shooter.  Verona proudly shared her shooter the following week with her 3rd-grade class, and Cindy has noticed a difference in her confidence and presentation skills. Cindy and Verona are hoping to attend the upcoming 2016 Mother's Day workshop where they will take part in more enjoyable, interactive activities and games that promote mom-daughter bonding, teamwork, and communication.

Cindy and Verona at their most recent Moms as Mentors workshop.

Cindy and Verona at their most recent Moms as Mentors workshop.


Notes for this week:

  • Sunday, May 8th is Mother's Day - don't forget to call your mom!
  • Our collective givetwig donation will sponsor two mom/daughter pairs to attend a future Moms as Mentors workshop.
  • For further information regarding Moms as Mentors or to inquire about attending any of their upcoming workshops in the Boston area, please check out their website.

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