SMALL.  WEEKLY.  100%.


givetwig makes charitable giving informal, easily accessible, and personal so that it becomes routine. our members make small, weekly donations that get combined and passed-through to other nonprofit organizations at 100%.



how does givetwig work?

when you sign up to be a givetwig member, you commit to donate a small amount every week (ie: $2, $5, or $10). givetwig makes this easy by linking to your credit/debit card or bank account for automatic recurring withdrawals (don't worry - your info is safe, will never be shared or sold, and you can cancel at any time). then, the fun begins!  

every week, givetwig identifies a nonprofit organization that is out there doing great things and donates the collective weekly amount to them (everything is passed through at 100%*). you can choose to receive a profile on this organization by email, or you may choose not to be contacted and can read about the weekly organization on the givetwig blog or Facebook page.

these profiles are meant to be informative, personal, and inspiring. you will read about the people (or animals!) that you are helping and will see the good that your dollars are supporting. 

at the end of each year, givetwig members will have helped 52 different organizations achieve their missions...

and for small dollars each week, there will be some serious warm and fuzzies comin' your way!


* normally, this is where we would say “minus fees” or some other nonsense like that. nope, not us. when we say 100%, we mean it – all fees are covered by givetwig or by special one-time donations. BOOM. see the faq page for more info on fees. and thanks for reading the fine print.